Arab Emirates Bandag Co. LLC. is a proud member of Galadari Brothers Group of Company, a leading business house of UAE is a name to reckon with when Rubber Products is spoken of in this part of the world. A name that has given soul to various rubber products used here and elsewhere.

The company that has made a mark in UAE and GCC Countries with its singular vision of developing rubber products for various industries ranging from Chemical, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Material Handling, Construction, Packaging and Shipping. The company is engaged in following activities:-

  • Retreading of Tires
  • Rubber Moulded products
  • Rubber Extruded products
  • Cast Polyurethane products
  • Anticorrosive & Anti abrasive Rubber Lining
  • PU & PVC Conveyor Beltings
  • Transmission Flat Belts
  • Thermo Weldable Extruded Belts, Profiles & Buckets
  • Rubber Conveyor Beltings, Conveyor Rollers, Frames & Splicing Services
  • Rema Tip Top Corrosion Protection, Wear Protection & Conveyor Belt Maintenance
  • Rema Tip Top Automotive Repair Materials & Equipments

AEB develops, manufactures & markets function oriented products based on our knowledge within polymer technology.

Quality Assurance

AEB has laboratory to test the physical properties of compounds which determine the usage. It has a well documented quality system and is one of the few with ISO 9001:2000 accredition.

Rubber Compounding

AEB is well equipped with compounding facilities to meet a wide and demanding requirements. The rubber compound is prepared from data bank of formulations depending upon the functional requirements of the product. Products are made of Natural Rubber, Synthetic Rubbers like Neoprene, Nitrile, EPDM, Butyl, and Polyurethane.
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