Arab Emirates Bandag Co. LLC – A member of Galadari Group of Companies a leading business house of UAE, is a pioneer rubber products manufacturer in U.A.E.

The company is engaged in following activities:

  • Rubber Moulded & Extruded Products
  • Anticorrosive / Anti abrasive Rubber Linings
  • Rubber Conveyor Beltings, Rollers, Frames (Heavy Duty)
  • Marketing Tip-Top Repair Materials & Equipments
  • Special Services
  • Light Duty Conveyor Belts (PVC/PU)
  • Polyurethane Products
Retreading of Tires
AEB ventured in to pre cured tire Retreading in Emirates in 1973. Major fleet owners in UAE have recognized AEB’s expertise in cold cure process of Retreading backed by total after sale service and guarantee. AEB Retread guarantees new tire mileage when used in comparable conditions.

Rubber Moulded & Extruded Products
The vision of the company was to position itself as a manufacturer and supplier range of industrial rubber products primarily to UAE’s fledging oil & non oil sectors and overseas to meet its exacting demands and to use its experience to further consolidate its position.

Investigation showed that material handling, transportation, chemical industries were growing at a higher rate locally and globally. This led to AEB diversifying into rubber moulding, extrusion and anti abrasive rubber lining, conveyor belting, rollers, frames, special services etc.

An ISO 9001-2000 company, AEB is well equipped to manufacture various types of intricate molded, extruded & lined articles. These articles are produced based on compounds designed by experienced in house compounders on sophisticated rubber mixing mill and electro hydraulic presses & extruders to suit various application. Polyurethane articles are produced using latest technology casting method.

Anticorrosive / Anti abrasive Rubber Linings
Anticorrosive and anti abrasive lining is one of the core activity AEB has wide experience in offering lining to seawater storage tanks, acid and alkali storage tanks, piping, scrubbers, media filters, etc. AEB has carried extensive work in offering anti abrasive lining to chutes; pump casing, impeller and mining equipments.

AEB have carried out the stripping of the defective lining and providing new rubber lining in large diameter pipes and elbows connected with seawater inlet and outlet of surface condenser for steam turbine for Dubai Electricity & Water Authority and also successfully carried out the internal rubber lining of Mild Steel Phosphoric Acid Storage Tanks Size: 16 mtr x 11 mtr. height.

AEB works in tandem with Rema Tip Top International a world leader in anti corrosive and anti abrasive linings. It enjoys special technical support in design and execution of major lining jobs. AEB is the sole distributors for Tip Top International products since over 2 decades.

AEB has expertise in rubber lining by hot and cold process based on soft or hard (ebonite) lining. Lining at our factory or site is carried with ease by our experienced technicians.

Rubber Conveyor Beltings, Rollers, Frames (Heavy Duty)
Supply of Rubber Conveyor Beltings for the use in Crushers, Cement Plants, Food and other service industries is another activity of the company. Belts are supplied in different plies and widths of Polyester, Nylon construction either in open length or Endless as per customer’s requirement. Cold splicing of Rubber Conveyor Belt by use of Tip Top method & material is the specialty of A.E.B.


Light Duty Conveyor Belts (PVC/PU)

AEB has been supplying light duty (PU/PVC) belts since 1996 for various application in UAE and Sultanate of Oman covering industries like Packaging, Printing, Food Products viz. chocolates, bakery products, fisheries, dairies, mosaic ceramics & marble industries, frozen food, airport applications etc.

AEB is the registered authorized distributor of M/s Esbelt representing them in UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman & Qatar. AEB today has a full fledged workshop with splicing equipments, finger cutter etc. and a team of trained and experienced technicians to carry out splicing in our factory or at site on a short notice. AEB also maintains stock of various belts to cater the needs of local demand.

Marketing Tip Top Tire /Conveyor Belt Repair Materials & Equipments
AEB is the sole distributors in U.A.E for M/s Rema Tip Top International, Germany. AEB represent RTT for their complete range of products in the automotive/industrial sector. In addition to stocking and selling RTT products, AEB also provide other support services such as, assistance in setting up in-house tire repair shops, comprehensive training etc. etc. As such AEB products are guaranteed for quality and it is for this reason that AEB have built up a very strong customer base in UAE and overseas.

Polyurethane Products

AEB is one of the up-coming companies in the field of casted polyurethane products such us wheels, profiles, strips, rollers, bumpers, bushings etc. AEB has well trained technicians for carrying out the job and enjoys full technical support from M/s Baule, France.

Quality Control
Right at first is the quality motto of AEB. From identification of raw material to final inspection before dispatch, AEB has standard quality procedures. Quality system based on ISO 9001 and BS 6374, Part 5 1985 are applied. AEB is equipped with laboratory to check the physical properties of rubber like tensile strength, elongation, ageing properties etc.

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